It's Time To Set The Record Straight


In August of 2017, Dave Reilly, an award winning radio personality, former Rotarian, Eagle Scout, and media producer, was slandered, libeled and attacked by radical activists and political organizations with the help of establishment media outlets in Northeast Pennsylvania. This smear campaign was based on the false premise, disseminated by Radical Leftists, that Dave Reilly is a "racist, bigoted, Nazi." Dave’s unabashed support for conservative and traditional values on his radio show, made him a target in an overwhelmingly liberal town. These activists claimed that because Dave filmed a political rally in Virginia, he must also agree with all of the views held by the most extreme participants. This was a politically motivated lie.

Ever since Dave began his radio show, he had established himself as a valuable citizen in the Town of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, working and volunteering with various non-profit organizations for the betterment of the community, and especially with his work on exposing the drug crisis in his award winning series "Coming Clean: The Drug Crisis"  heard on WHLM Radio.

Despite all the good Dave has done in the community, he was targeted and smeared by various Leftists and organizations that pressured, harassed and threatened local businesses in an effort to "shut down" and "resist" Conservatives and supporters of President Donald Trump.

Because of the death threats, pressure, harassment and lies directed at him and his family, he has been forced out of his career, forced to move to Kansas to find empolyment, and forced to remain silent. But now, Dave is breaking his silence.

On Tuesday, March 13th, 2018, Dave filed a lawsuit against the individuals, organizations, and media outlets that sought to ruin him with these defamatory accusations.

You can download this explosive lawsuit by clicking the button below, and see in detail exactly who the culprits of this slander campaign were, and how the Left and the Media worked together to stage protesters, amplify their defamatory claims, and attempt to ruin a local family owned business.

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  • Defamation

  • Negligence

  • Defamation by Implication

  • Invasion of Privacy - False Light

Plaintiff David Reilly demands judgement in his favor and against the defendants, in an amount in excess of $50,000 for each charge.


WNEP - Channel 16 News

  • Suzanne Goldklang

  • Andy Palumbo


  • Andy Mehalshick

  • Kelly Choate

Columbia County Democratic Party

  • Dwayne Heisler

  • Vince DeMelfi

  • Jill Carlson

  • Chris DeFrain

  • Forrest Bennett

United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties

  • Adrienne Mael

Non-Media Defendants

  • Oren Helbock

  • Nate Wheeler

  • Keith Lawrence Hayman III

  • Brian Bernadini